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Let’s meet up at EWUG 2014!!

EWUG has offered a meeting space and placed us on the agenda for their 2014 statewide conference that will be in the Dells at Chula Vista October 20-21. The meeting will take place on day 2. More details to follow shortly.

I am soliciting input from users who have done a project with LiDAR. The format of the session will be to briefly discuss a project you worked on or will be working to share with the group. Thanks in advance for stepping up.

Hope to see you there. Jeremy

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I  am reposting a link that SCO had in their Geospatial News to an image of LiDAR Coverage for the state on a county basis :  http://www.sco.wisc.edu/images/stories/2014/Sep/DNR_LIDAR_Inventory_Ext_082614.pdf

I will also post the link on our links page.

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