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The below information was provided by Ron Wencl, USGS, in regard to partnering with USGS on 3DEP. Please forward the blog email to anyone you know might be acquiring LiDAR Data in the near future.

Hey Jeremy,
I’ve sent some material to the State Cartographer’s Office regarding the recent news on the 3DEP Broad Agency Announcement (BAA). This is the “new” process for Lidar data acquisition partnerships via 3DEP, which officially starts at the beginning of our Fiscal Year 2015 on October 1. I expect most of this content (along with some additional materials I sent Howard and Jim) will be posted in the weekly SCO News Bulletin. But since this has a very short fuse, I wanted to get it circulated and posted as widely as possible. This was rolled out on Friday and we were briefed on it yesterday. Nonetheless, preliminary proposals are due in mid August. I won’t have any direct involvement in the submission, review or selection process, but want to make sure people are aware of the information announced and resources available.

Could you post the information below?
The USGS is pleased to report that the Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) with instructions on how to partner with the 3D Elevation Program (3DEP) is now available online. This BAA replaces the partnership proposal process used by the USGS National Geospatial Program for lidar data acquisition proposals. The 3DEP website (http://nationalmap.gov/3DEP/) has been updated with a link to the FedBizOps announcement. There is also agrants.gov announcement that was recently posted.

Offerors may contribute funds toward a USGS lidar data acquisition activity or they may request 3DEP funds toward a lidar data acquisition activity where the requesting partner is the acquiring authority. Federal agencies, state and local governments, tribes, academic institutions and the private sector are eligible to submit pre-proposals. Pre-porosals are due by 5:00 ET on 15-August-2014 and Full proposals will be due by 5PM ET on 26-September-2014.

Information about this announcement is available at the FedBizOps website . Please review the attachments associated with the announcement for additional details. Questions regarding this opportunity should be submitted to Victoria Floyd at vfloyd@usgs.gov

Thank you for helping us to spread the word about the 3D Elevation Program, and our BAA.

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