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Please contact Jeremy.Freund@outagamie.org if you are interested in receiving access to the this draft document for review and commment.  Here is a copied and pasted email text from Phil Worrall of NSGIC:

The USGS is distributing  “Version 2 – NDEP Guidelines for Digital Elevation Data, Parts 1-4” for External Review through the NDEP Technical Subcommittee [see instructions and link below].  This is an update to Version 1 that was published way back in 2004.  Version 2 is a significant and important update with many changes and additions based on current LiDAR sensor technologies and current best practices.
 Previously, many LiDAR RFP’s and Projects relied on both the “USGS Lidar Base Specification Draft xx” document and Version 1 of this document to provide project guidance, and I expect Version 2 of this document will continue this practice in conjunction with the release last year of the ” USGS Lidar Base Specification Version 1.0 (Heidemann, 2012)“. 
 Please ask your state/local LiDAR experts [government and private sector] to review this draft document and provide feedback directly to Philip Rufe at the USGS using the review and contact information provided below!
 Phil Worrall
NSGIC Representative on the NDEP Technical Committee

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Nationwide LiDAR Inventory

If you are curious who has LiDAR in Wisconsin and around us, check out this link to the web application from USGS and others:  http://www.csc.noaa.gov/inventory/#

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