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WiLiDAR now has an online discussion board through a private Google Group (which means only members of the group can see the board). Users can ask and reply to questions through logging into the Google Group site or by using email!   YES… its that EASY… you can ask and answer questions directly from your email! 

Just spend 5 minutes to log in and apply for membership and the rest is as easy as checking and replying to your e-mail! Instructions on how to join as well how to ask and reply to quesitons are available the “Online Discussion Board” page!


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Check out this link:  http://eijournal.com/2013/lidar-best-practices 

I think it is a good summary of things to consider when acquiring or talking about LiDAR acquisition.

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If you are writing specs or will be writing specs for a LiDAR acquisition, you may want to consider adding an option for corridor mapping (for design) or asbuilting (after construction) of future  local highway projects.  The Transportation Research Board has released draft guidelines for use of Mobile LiDAR in Transportation Applications.  Here is a link to the page:  http://apps.trb.org/cmsfeed/TRBNetProjectDisplay.asp?ProjectID=2972

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