WLIA Annual Conference

Hope to see you at the 2017 WLIA Annual Conference in the Dells!  Please visit with us in the Sierra Vista Room at 4:30 on Thursday as we discuss Elevation/LiDAR Data at the Special Interest Group meeting.  If you are unable to attend the conference, please share any successes/failures you’ve had with LiDAR Data the past year by emailing me at: Jeremy.Freund@Outagamie.org

Screenshots are always welcome!


The August GeoCue Newsletter had an article on Geiger-Mode LiDAR Workflow.  Its hard to fathom the point spacing possible.  Here is the link:  GeoCue-Geiger


EVAAL training materials

Training materials from the July 2016 EVAAL Hands-On Training Workshop are now available on the Wisconsin DNR’s Water Quality Modeling Tools page:


The new additions include the agenda from the training workshop, slides, recording of the workshop and recorded solutions to the hands-on exercises.

If you have any questions regarding these training materials, please contact Theresa Nelson, theresa.nelson@wisconsin.gov, 608-266-7037.

How Accurate is your Drone

Drones are becoming more popular.  At Outagamie County we question how a low altitude drone derived point cloud could compliment/enhance our LiDAR point cloud for river surveys.  For 2016 we plan on experimenting with this notion by purchasing a drone and utilizing our LP360 sUAS software.

Understanding the accuracy of the drone derived product will be necessary.  In case you haven’t seen the article posted by LiDAR News, here it is:  LiDAR News Drone Accuracy

The LiDAR User Group will be meeting during the SIG portion of the WLIA Annual Conference on Thursday, February 11th, in Elkhart Lake, WI.  If interested, bring your questions, problems and successes to share with your peers from around the state.  We will open the meeting with short updates from the State GIO and others.

Here is a link to the conference program: WLIA Conference Program

EWUG 2015

Please check out the EWUG 2015 Conference Lineup for December 2-4 in Milwaukee. Unfortunately I cannot attend. The hope is to have an informal session for any LiDAR users to meet up and chat. I will post any notes that come out of that session. If you are interested in facilitating such a session, please let me know and I will forward on to the EWUG board.

As always, if you have a question or comment, please let me know. Cheers, Jeremy

Please follow this link if you are interested in the latest update of Wisconsin LiDAR on the SCO’s site:

2015 LiDAR Status

I just uploaded the NRCS Survey Tech Note: Using LiDAR for Planning and Engineering. The document can be found on the “Guidance Documents” tab of the website:

Intro to LiDAR Video

I was getting ready for my presentation tomorrow and I came across a youTube video that I thought gave a good introduction to what LiDAR is and how it is collected.

Here is the link:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EYbhNSUnIdU

Came across a resource…

I found some good information on this website (see yellow links on right):  http://gis4geomorphology.com/

Check it out at let me know if you took anything away from it.